Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

It was SO good to see and talk to you all! I loved every minute of it! My Christmas was amazing. After I got off with you all I watched the Gish family open presents and that was just a lot of fun. I really enjoyed watching them share all the joy and love they have for each other. And then we ate dinner with them. Prime rib, so good! and then we went and taught a couple of lessons. I thought that was the best thing to be doing on Christmas.
Christmas loot!
I am doing good. I am learning a lot. I know the Lord is blessing me with all the help and strength that I need. I know that He is with me. And I know that He has not left me alone. And I know He never will. Whenever I am put into a situation, He always offers me some sort of help meet.  "I don't want you to do this on your own please let me help you, I love you." His perspective is so much different than ours. We just have to be humble enough to accept and ask for help when we need it. The whole point of trials is so that we can see Him work through us and our faith to grow. How can our faith grow if we don't let Him in?
We have been staying really busy. This week we had 21 lessons, and have one baptismal date set. The work is good, and the ward is great!
I am not sure what else to say, sorry this is so short. Please just keep praying for us.
OH! Um, I think a letter has been sent, I am not sure if you got it, but my release date has been moved up a week. So it's April 24 I believe, so hopefully that all works.... it JUST got changed when I was in there last week. So yeah. Happy Birthday present to Brady ;)
I love you all! Thank you so much!!
Sister Rosemary Anderson

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