Wednesday, December 12, 2012

We went to the Monticello Temple!!

Well, it sounds like you all have had a wonderful week! It's exciting that Oakdale is doing so well! That's really fun! There are two high schools here in Farmington and they travel all over to play people, they go up to Durango and all over to play, it's kinda crazy. I guess we do that too so I should be used to it. Bella and Charlotte are getting so big! It was kinda weird to see Bella sitting at the counter eating by herself, I guess she's old enough to do that now. And then when I saw Emma, I thought it was Kylie and I was really confused why Kylie was there, but I guess It's been a while since I've seen Emma. Drew just went home, he was in my zone for about 4 months. It was kinda fun to serve with him. I saw him a lot and even taught with him a few times. Hope his adjustment is going well.
  Things are good here! Lots of Christmas activities going on! We had a nativity display at the church a week ago, and that was really neat. There were a ton of nativities from all over the world there. And this last weekend we had our ward Christmas party, and this weekend is the high priest ward dinner. So we are pretty busy with lots of activities! We were helping out with the food for the ward Christmas part pretty much all day. Our job was to wash, spin, dry, and cut lettuce. It's pretty sad that my arm was sore the next day from spinning salad! But Sister Kidd's hand was sore from cutting lettuce too. We helped with the lettuce for 3 hours, we went back that night and helped some more, it was fun. They had a really good program and a really good dinner. Especially the salad....
  Well the work is picking up here. We have been meeting lots of new people and it has been great. We meet two Patricia's the other day and we don't know either of their last names. One is Spanish and the other is Navajo  they are both very humble. I love meeting people like that. People who you know absolutely need your message because they don't know what else to do or where else to turn, so they seek out a higher power. It's just really cool to be able to bring that light into people's lives.
  This upcoming Saturday we find out transfer news, so next Monday I will probably be telling you where my new area will be and then on Tuesday I will be going there. I am really sad to leave Sister Kidd and the Prince's. I love teaching Brother Prince. I love their whole family. It's just been so nice to be able to teach them and to teach them with Sister Kidd.
  I loved the Ukulele that I got :) THANK YOU!!! Shae knows how to tune and play it so she is going to help me out. I have been playing with it every night! It's been way fun. And Sister Kidd serenades me every night with it as well haha. 
Well, we are doing good. Staying busy, and trying to keep up with life haha.
 Thanks for everything! I love you all

Sister Anderson

last weeks email;

Sorry this is late. I hope mom let you all know that I didn't email yesterday because I was at the temple all day! Woot woot! We left at 7 in the morning and didn't get back until 6 last night and then we went back out to work. We went to the Monticello temple and it was amazing! I love to see the temple, and I'm so happy I have gone! Monticello is about 2.5 hours away from here. So we got there about 9:30ish. The organized two sessions, and the first begun at 10:30, but we weren't scheduled for that session. We were scheduled for the 11:30 session. So we were there about two hours early so we were trying to convince the senior couple driving the van to take us to subway for breakfast and she said yes, but then we realized the sisters who were supposed to go to the 10:30 session weren't there so at about 10:00 they told us we had 7 minutes to be dressed and seated. So we ran in on empty stomachs and got dressed really quick, I mean like really quick, like two seconds quick, and then enjoyed our session. We got out around 12:30, 12:45 and walked across the parking lot to the stake center and waited for lunch and we didn't eat until 1:45! We were STARVING! we ate at like 5:45 that morning. Anyways, that's not really significant at all, just thought I would share haha. Anyways. It was a wonderful session. President and Sister Batt were there with us. I felt the love of Heavenly Father so strongly. He is so proud of all his missionaries, but I really felt it for me. I had many other neat experiences yesterday, it was wonderful. Sister Kidd and I sat in the celestial room for a good long time. We were thinking of families we are teaching and our own as well. I am so grateful for each one of you. Thank you for all you have taught me. Not everyone has the blessing of great families. I see many missionaries who never get packages or letters from home or emails or anything. I get many blessings from you. It has really opened my eyes and made me so grateful for my family. 

After lunch the temple President spoke to us and told us a little about the temple. The Monticello temple was the first small temple, and it got so much use after four years they decided to expand it. (it's so small now, I'm not sure how much smaller it could have been.) But as they were redesigning it they had a problem with the windows in the celestial room. They couldn't replicate it and they needed four more to expand the room. Well the company who made them went out of business. The temple engineer remembered that 4 years earlier someone made a mistake and ordered 4 too many of those particular windows. And then they remembered a red shack out on the back lot and they went and found the 4 windows in perfect conditions. Having set in a shack out on the back lot of the temple grounds for 4 years, and not a scratch on them. No one knowing what was in those boxes or anything. How amazing is that? I just thought that was the coolest story ever! The Lord really blesses us with temples so close and so easy to get to. He really loves us to give us those blessings. After the temple President spoke to us Sister Batt and President Batt spoke to us for a brief moment. And then they gave us ALL mini preach my gospels that they had signed, how neat is that? And then the office staff gave us all Christmas presents. Elder and Sister James gave us Blue Bird Flour travel pillows. Which is AWESOME! Blue Bird Flour is HUGE here! People make all kinds of stuff out of the bags(they are cloth) and all they use is blue bird flour, you might want to bring some back with you mom! So they made us travel pillows with our names on the back. It was really sweet.

Sister Batt went out with us on Tuesday last week and we had a great night. We meet a new potential investigator and she invited herself to church and to take the lessons haha, she was actually being taught before by other sisters, but we are trying to pick her back up. She is really sweet.

Well, I know that isn't too much of an update on the work or anything, but I have to go now. I am doing good. I love you all!

Sister Anderson

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