Monday, January 30, 2012

Just some cute pictures! And we Did get an email.......

So, I can't believe I'm in Shiprock. It's another world down here. It is as foriegn as can be. The people are awesome though. It's just different getting used to the culture. They speak navajo a lot here. I didn't know what the conductor was saying in church yesterday some of the time, because he would switch back and forth from navajo to english. I am sad to leave Farmington, but I'm glad to be here. There are some awesome experiences in store, I know it. I was really sad to leave Sister New too. We were in mouring for about 3 days after we heard the news I was being transferred. We really love each other and became really great friends and we miss each other. But, Shiprock isn't too far so I'll get to see her again. My new companion is Sister Kesler. She is awesome. She is really tall haha I don't have any pictures of us yet ahah sorry. The navajo traditions are a huge part of this place. Oh I taught in a hogan the second day I was here, that was awesome haha. They are SUPER warm! I would probably build one just so I can hang out in it in the winter. They are octagon huts and have a fire place in the middle, it's pretty sweet. We do a lot of service down here. We chop wood and clean and do all kidna of stuff. The dine (or the poeple, said din-ay) have a hard time trusting sometimes, so we do a lot of service. They call us beliganas (white people) and they call the missionaries gamaliis (gahmahlee). It's pretty cool. I am picking up a few navajo words. Yes is O. I know more, but I can't really spell them or write them how you would say them. the work is different here. It's a little slower, but that's okay. We are working hard to find new people. We play a big role in the ward here. We help where we can. Oh and there are res dogs everywhere haha we carry dog treats with us. Today we are going to go climb the Washes, should be fun!
Things are good, thanks for everything, and especially your support! I love you all more than you know!
Oh and we taught Sunday school on agency and I gave a five minute talk, welcome to Shiprock.Sister Anderson

 This is Elder and Sister James, such a sweet couple!
                                       Being Goofy.......
Planning our day.

                       Sister Grange - love her desserts
                    I'm pretty good wood chopper!

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