Monday, March 5, 2012

I feel as though I am leaving part of my family in Shiprock.

AJ and Kennette Yazzie 

 me with April Yazzie

me waking up to a snow storm!

It sounds like some exciting things are happening!! But before I move on, another transfer has come and gone. I have been asked to go to Gallup! So I'm moving again and I will be there tomorrow morning! My new companion is Sister Kidd. I think I told you about her a few emails ago. She went home for a weekend. She is from Rigby and seems like a nice girl. I loved my time here in Shiprock and am so sad to leave some of thses wonderful families I have met. I didn't know that my family could extend even more, but it definitely has. I have attached a couple pictures of some of the people I love.   They are a family we visit everyday, or at least try to. they are having some hard times and we go over and do their dishes or shampoo their carpets or something. yes they are in laws. I LOVE April and her cute little family! I felt like I was leaving a piece of home when I was saying good bye to them last night. She has 4 little girls that are so adorable! she has a little three year old named Bella and she is a little stinker! haha but SO cute! you can't really tell her no! And the last picture is me waking up to a snow storm! It doesn't rain or snow in shiprock, all the storms go around, so it was pretty crazy to wake up to that much snow. They even closed school because of it!
Well, I have had some cool experiences this week too. We were able to teach a Less Active family, they aren't all members either, about the Plan of Salvation. They Dad/Father died at the beginning of Feb. and we were able to teach the kids about the ressurection and the Spirit World, it was really cool. Then we were able to pray with this older lady. She was the Grandmother or a recent convert to the church and she asked us to pray for her. So we started praying for her and she and her granddaughter were praying navajo. It was so cool to see the two worlds come together. It's the little moments like that, that really add up. It really makes me grateful for my time out here. I am really sad to be leaving these people. But there are more people for me to love. I am hoping to serve here again.
Also, we got word of our new mission president. President Batt will be coming the first of July. I'm sad to lose President Jones, I really love that man. He is amazing.
Let's see oh, Rattlesnake and Cudei. Um, they are technically towns, but they are realllllllyyyyy small. They are part of our area. If you get on the google map and find Shiprock high school and kepping going down that road then you will see a sign for cudei and you turn there for cudei. rattlesnake is past cudei on that main road though. you turn at this sign that talks about some gospel church. that's about as good as your directions are gonna get haha. That's how all our directions come. "You go down the road until you see the tire on the fence and then you keep going and then you turn at the dog chained up to the fence and then when you see the blue roof that's my neighbor. we're the hogan with the horses." It's pretty awesome. I find myself giving rez directions all the time. I've been rezified. I speak rez without even meaning too and it's so funny!

 Sister Anderson

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