Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Well guess who's a mommy now! That's right I am! haha I am training!!! Who's letting me do this? haha Anyways, I'm really kind of in shock still. I don't feel like I have been out enough to know what I am doing haha but I trust the Lord more than anything and He trusts me to do this so here we go! I feel like it will be a good growing experience for me.

Sister Rowley and Me 5/28/12
Well, we were trying to contact referrals Saturday morning and they weren't home, and then the wind decided to pick up and we were having to cover our eyes from all the sand so we decided to go back into town where there's more trees and building and a lot less sand. And so we got in the car and right then the mission home calls! Sister Kidd just looks at me and was like, "THE MISSION HOME IS CALLING!" and whenever the mission home calls early on transfer day someone is getting called to leadership. So I told her, kindly, to answer it and then I hear, "I'm good President, yes she's right here." and next thing I know, I'm being extended the call to train. I'm pretty sure he knew that I was nervous because after I hung up Sister Kidd was like "your voice was shaking the whole time!" my whole body was shaking, not just my voice! But, I immediately felt that it was a call from the Lord and that things would go well. So we went into Farmington last night because I had to be at a meeting at 715 this morning there. we were supposed to be going to McGaffee lake with a family but we had to be in Farmington by 6pm last night and so we had to leave at 3 so we weren't able to go :( But it was at that meeting I met Sister Rowley. She's from Utah, and very nervous haha She's feeling super overwhelmed, and I know the feeling. I think we are going to do a lot of tracting when we don't have more pressing matters. Just so she can get used to it and really get adjusted to meeting and talking to new people. I feel like that will be a big part of this. Tracting isn't the most effective way to find, but I feel that for these intents and purposes it will do well. 

Well, I think I've been so focused on my new calling and helping Sister Kidd say goodbye that I have forgotten the rest of the week. It was kind of a shock to be called to train. I wasn't expecting that. But EVERYONE guessed it. I kept saying no. It's just kind of overwhelming because I've never taken over an area, or been senior companion, or ANYTHING and now it's all three in one shot! It's fun though. We thought we might stay together for one more transfer, but the Lord has other plans in store. 

Oh so our DL called us and told us he was going AP and we were like "uhhh that's awesome"  we didn't believe him but he insisted and then the zone leaders sent out a "zone" text saying "our very own Elder Cairico is going AP" but apprently the Gallup 2 ward sisters are the only ones that make up the zone now. but when we got the text, we didn't realize that change had been made haha so we were like "oh the ZL's said it, so it must be true" and we started telling everyone. and it wasn't until we started talking to people asking about their transfer news that we realized what happened. We were laughing our butts off. It was so funny. we couldn't believe that we fell for it! It was awesome. but anywyas, Elder Carico went to Aztec to be a ZL. so tha'ts the real story. 

Elders Harbin and Adams & me

Well, I just want to say that the Spirit is real and I am grateful that I can have experiences that testify to me of the divinity of this great and marvelous latter-day work. I feel that this training opportunity will be a chance for me to grow and learn. But, I know it is the Lord's will, and I haven't felt His support and love and strength and encouragement so consistently as I have since I have recieved my new companion. this is a great responsibility and trust the Lord and President Jones has put in me and I know that because of my Savior and Strength I can step up to the plate. I am so grateful that I have already seen the Lord's hand in this process, and we are still on day one. This Gospel is true and the Lord sure knows what He is doing. I love Him.

Oh so on a lighter note I was trying to teach my trainee navajo, she'll get it eventually...


Sister Anderson

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