Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Apparently I am picking up the Navajo accent!

Yatehee family!
It looks like the service went so well. I'm so glad. I'm glad uncle bob came and you were able to hear so many mamzing stories. I hope things settle down, the zoo is a great way to do that. You should take Bella, like Rob said. That would be awesome! She loved that animal app on my phone remember?
Well, before I get to the exciting week I've had let me just say that apparently I am picking up the navajo accent. They say things like "over der" and then point with their lips.... I have done it multiple times without even realizing I did it, and I get made fun of for it. Especially when we are with people who haven't been on the res, they always look at me like, "what did you just say?" and the navajos say things like "choppin woodS" or "sheepS" they add "s" to a lot of things. I'm really trying not to do that, but apparently it's not going so well.
Let me just recount the experience I had with this. Sister Tsosie is navajo and serving in Gallup and her companion Sister Kidd's sister died last week, so she went home for the week and Sister Tsosie stayed with us for a few days. Well Sister Tsosie served in Shiprock for 9 months so she knows the area well so she introduced us to a lot people and places, so that was nice. Sister Tsosie goes home at the end of this transfer, so like two weeks. So anyways, yeterday we went in to Durango to pick up Sister Kidd from the airport and we thought we would stop on our way in Farmington and say hi to sister new. So we were telling this amazing story about how sister kesler was delirious the night before and saying hilarious things (which i will get to in a minute) and i said something in the navajo accent WITHOUT EVEN REALIZING UNTIL AFTER and then everyone just stopped and stared at me and was like "you're navajo now huh?" and i was just like, "i was really hoping none of you would have caught that", apparently they all did. then they all started laughing. I would write what I said, but it you wouldn't be able to hear the accent.
So anyways, one night we started planning and sister kelser was OUT of it and so sister tsosie and i decided to maybe make the most of the situation. so she eventually crawled into bed and was sleeping full clothed, which was hilarious, because she LITTERALLY crawled from the living room/kitchen to the bedroom. so we got out the flarp, you know the noise putty that sounds like farting noises, so we go that out and she was like "are you sick" haha and then we were like yeah so she was like do you need a blessing? and we were like yeah and so sister kesler called the elders and proceeded to ask them for a blessing so her companion would stop farting hahahaha it was SO FUNNY! so then she sang to them in japenese and after she got off the phone she was like "maybe if you have so much air in you, you should just stop breathing" hahaha it was hilarious and then she was like why don't you light a match, and i was like then sister tsosie will explode and sister kelser then lovingly replied, "that's okay, just take her outside" hahaha it was awesome then she offered to build sister tsosie a casket. at one point, she said to sister tsosie "never in my life could i look like you, in my face" and we were like english please? haha so then we repeated it back to her, and she seemed to understandit just fine haha. Good Times. this would probably be funnier if i could explain it to you in detail.
So we went to Durango yesterday SO PRETTY! they scenery was grgeous, unfourtunately my camera batteries died. we got to go shopping for a little while, that was fun, i didn't buy anything though.
So the work. This week we had 2 dates set, and then we didn't :( the family is awesome though and they are scared of losing their traditions. They like the medicine man, hopefully we can be instruments in helping them build their faith! I know they want to, they're just scared and don't completely understand yet. The investigator who called us back, wasn't there and hasn't called us back yet :( the work is slowly but surely moving forward. we are working on being better missionaires and more diligent. the Lord has things in store for us here, we have yet to see them all though. We have just really been trying to help the area, and figure out how we can do that. We aren't sure yet, but we are working on it.
Write down those stories and send them to me, I would love to hear them. I don't print things out, it costs money :( i've been wanting to print pictures though.
Oh yeah the library was closed yesterday, that's why we couldn't email.
Sister Anderson

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