Thursday, November 22, 2012

Well hello there everyone!! Happy thanksgiving to you all!!

Well hello there everyone!! Happy thanksgiving to you all!
Today, is actually not p day, that's why this letter is coming so late! They switched p-day to Thursday this week! But, they said we can still email. So we had district meeting and all that good stuff this morning, and we went and met Sister Prince's parents, they are in town visiting for the day. Her dad served a mission speaking Navajo here and was actually in the Gallup area, so it was fun to talk with him. So anyways, after doing all that we finally made it down here to email!
  So on Thursday we will clean and shop and dye our hairs. Sister Kidd asked if she could dye our hairs for my one year mark and I said yes so I'm just gonna go dark brown like before. Then we will go over to the Prince's for dinner and whatnot. So we are looking forward to it. We actually have quite a few people to visit on that day, people we are teaching and things like that. So it will be a busy day!
  But, it sounds like you've all been staying busy and having fun! I'm glad you're enjoying your activity day girls, and having fun! And those pictures of Bella and Charlotte are just so cute! Charlotte just looks so happy! I can't wait to hear her cute little laugh. If it's anything like Bella's I probably won't be able to stop laughing either. I won't ever forget playing fetch with her and Riot!
  This week has been picking up! We started going through former investigators and went to go visit this one couple and they didn't live there, but another investigator we lost contact with did! So that was a miracle! Tyrone (the investigator) had his phone broke and we didn't have his address so we had no way to contact him. What a blessing that was! And then we were able to contact a young single adult, that we weren't able to get in touch with for months, but we tried again and we talked with her! It's been good!
  It's hard work here. But, the rewards are far greater. That's something Sister Kidd and I have been talking a lot about, how the more work and effort you have to put into something the greater the reward for it. It's kinda cool how that works.
  The Prince's dropped Audrey off at the MTC on Wednesday and it was a hard day for them, well for Brother Prince at least. Sister Prince did a lot better with it I think. But Wednesday was also Brother Prince's birthday so we called him and sang happy birthday to him, and he was crying. It was so sad. We felt so bad for him, but we know what Audrey is doing is a great thing! So we went over there last night and we talked with them and he was asking us all about the MTC and what Audrey will be doing and what she was doing right then and how often he will get to talk to her and what her p-days are like (because we usually end up over at their house for p-days a lot of the time so he know what ours are like) and anyways, it was good.
   I can't believe it's Thanksgiving already! Time is going so quick! I can't believe I've been out for a year! I never thought I would be out for a year! I always thought I would be new forever ha ha! But, it's good.
  This is a great time of year to ponder and think about all the things that we are grateful for. I have been trying to be more specific in my prayers with things I am grateful for and things that I need, and I have noticed a huge difference. It's been such a great blessing to me in my life! We have so much to be grateful for and to thank Heavenly Father for everyday!
  I love you all! And am so grateful for my family and friends! Since being out here I have really realized how good I have it, what a wonderful family unit I have. It has really opened my eyes. I love you all. I'm grateful for the sacrifices that you have made in allowing me to be out here. I know each one of you has allowed me to be here. I know it's hard to let go of my wonderful presence and it has been such a disappointment that you haven't been privileged enough for me to grace you with it ;) I love you all. Thank you. For your time, efforts, talents, means, and love.
Sister Rosemary Anderson

To answer your questions, first off, that door across from ours is our laundry room. That's the door that the elders hid in and scared Sister Kidd from. Second, no we didn't paint that ladybug rock, someone painted it for the previous sisters and they left it, so it was left sitting on our balcony. Third, yes we got the apples, and they were good. We shared them with the Prince's and they said thank you! I think that's about it for your questions.
  Transfers came around and Sister Kidd and I are both staying! How amazing is that? We were both really excited! I thought I was going to be transferred. I've already been here for 4 and 1/2 months. And Sister Kidd and I had already been companions for 3 months prior. But, by the end of this transfer, we will have been companions for 6 months total (here and Gallup combined) and I will have been serving here for 6 months. It's such a huge blessing. This area has been really slow. We have been really trying to find and to meet with anyone we can, and it just hasn't been working. And we've been a bit discouraged. But, I was sick on Saturday and so I received a blessing and it talked about how I can move forward with strength and conviction and determination like never before. And I thought I had put out a lot before, but I guess not! So I am excited for that! So with that being said, I have hope and know that through the Lord I can do all things.
Our District November 2012 Farmington
  We found out that one of the areas in our district is being white washed, we were kinda bummed about that, because we had a really fun district. Other than that not much has changed in our world.
  The Princes went out of town for the week and so if I would have been transferred I wouldn't have been able to say goodbye to them, so I said goodbye before they left, before I knew if I was leaving or staying, and it was really emotional! Because we all thought I was for sure leaving. But, we found out we were both staying we text ed them and it was also very emotional. We got a lot of enthusiastic texts back! It was way cool! I just love their family so much. They are part of my family. I wish I could share with you the love I have for these people. I don't feel like I can really put it into words. It's just so much deeper than just a normal friendship. There are some people that you just meet and immediately click with and knew you were meant to find and I can count maybe on two hands the number of times that has happened to me on my mission. What better place to begin to develop a relationship with someone than through the solid foundation of the Gospel. That's why temple marriages are so important. You are beginning the rest of eternity on a solid foundation of the Gospel and covenants with the Lord. We know the Lord will keep His promises. We have no need to fear that he won't or anything like that. It's set and immovable. The only thing that the Lord says is that "if we don't now what I say, ye have no promise." So all we have to do is use the Atonement that's already been provided for us. How neat! How blessed will our families be if we base our relationships in a love and faith in the Lord. Basing it on anything else won't last through the eternities will it? Anyways, just my thought for the day.

Not much else has happened this week. It was kinda a slow week. But, we did our best and forgot the rest, right De? ;)

Sorry this is a shorter email, but I love you all! I hope everything goes well this week! you are all in my prayers. And all those others who are struggling! Thank you for your constant love and support!

Sister Anderson

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