Thursday, November 8, 2012

Wonderful Week!

Well! It sounds like you've all had a fun halloween! The girls looked cute!  So these were our Halloween costumes. We wore them under our shirts all day, and showed them to a select few people it was way fun! We also switched name tags at our ward party. We had a trunk or treat that night. And we showed some of the members and they thought it was the coolest thing! Sister Reynolds (the sister we made fry breads with) called all of her kids over so they could see our awesome shirts and then Sister Allred and gave us a thumbs up and told us how awesome our shirts were. It was a lot of fun. The Assistants were there, and they caught a glimpse of our shirts and gave us kind of a funny look haha, but we had a blast. There were some really good costumes at our ward party. 
   Some things never change. Sister Kidd tried for like 10 minutes to get me to stick my hand in there and pull stuff out. But I wouldn't. It grosses me out. So I pulled just a little out and she took this picture. And then she pulled the rest out. She was laughing at me haha, but I just can't do it. We came in early on Halloween and watched the Legacy and 17 Miracles and ate candy and roasted pumpkin seeds. We had a fun. There were no trick or treaters that came to our door though. Which is a good thing, because we had no candy. Although we did get some from the trunk or treat.
  You know it's really interesting being on a mission. I see everything from an eternal perspective. I see how pieces of the puzzle fit together and how the Lord has a hand in everything and how He loves his children sooo much. Everything he does for us and everything he lets us face is out of love. It's easier sometimes, when I remember that. I love the Gospel. But, I especially love my Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Nothing in this life would be possible without him. I wake up in the morning and think, "he has given me breath today, a new day, what a wonderful gift." Every breath we receive is a huge gift and blessing, but He gives us so much more than that everyday. Every night Sister Kidd and I have made a point to say what we were grateful for or what good things happened that day, and it's just really neat to see the hand of the Lord. Sometimes, it's hard to remember or to see blessings. Sometimes all I remember is that guy that yelled at us to go away or that lady who wouldn't even give us the time of day, and looked at us like we were the scum of the earth. But, there is always something. Sometimes, it's as simple as the elders randomly showing up with leaves on our front porch. Or someone being really nice to us and waving back. There's always something. I think a lot of times my blessings come as feelings too. When I just feel really peaceful. Really calm. Okay with what's coming. Okay with not knowing where to go or what to do. Or what to say. Almost everyday we are asked something or someone says something we aren't sure how to respond to. But, the Lord always gives us the answer. He always makes things okay. He brings scriptures to my mind. And words of encouragement to Sister Kidd's. It's just really neat.
  This week we had a lady ask us to help her overcome her anxiety and depression so she can come to church. And we can't counsel her. But, the Lord knows what she needs and He has called us to be his instruments. He has called us to invite ALL to come unto Him. Through us His works can be accomplished if we have faith in Him. We had another family ask us how they can help their children. We didn't know any of these answers. But we found the answers in the scriptures. And taught them how to rely on the Lord and how to apply true principles. The only way to be succesful in this work is if we rely on the Lord and the Spirit. And it's always humbling to remember that.
That's awesome that Sister Begay is in your district! So cool!!
I love you all lots! Thanks for all your love and support!
Sister Anderson

Well, let's see. This week was good. One of our investigators is moving to Albuquerque  She is so excited to be baptized, but unfortunately we won't see her be baptized. She comes to church every week and everything, we just haven't been able to teach everything like we would like, and she's moving on Wednesday. So we are a little bummed about that.
  Thursday we taught a lesson to Brother Prince, and it went well. We were kinda nervous to teach him that evening, and that particular lesson, and we were so focused on how "big" we thought it was going to be, we forgot to just trust ourselves and trust the Lord. Everything went well, we were just psyching ourselves out for nothing. Then we found out Shae is pregnant! We were so excited for them! It's the first grandbaby for their family. Audrey is upset because she is going into the MTC in 2 weeks. But, we told her that we've both had nieces born while we were on our missions, but it wasn't our first. And she is the only Aunt. So she was really bummed. But we were all really excited for them.
Lady bug rock
 So the elders are always dropping our ladybug rock off our balcony, so we left it on their truck. And it came back in pieces. And then... after we got home Saturday we found a HUGE pile of leaves and pumpkins left for us. The elders are so kind haha Not only that, they hid in them and jumped out and scared us! We were laughing so hard! We couldn't even tell anyone was laying in it, that's how big this pile was! So, we are going to send them packages and return the nice little gift they left us! And we haven't had time to clean it up at all so we still have this huge pile of leaves sitting on our front porch! We tried making the elders come clean it up, and they won't do it! It was really funny. They thought we were going to kill them. They were really scared of us haha.
  Let's see, what else has been going on this week. Not too much. We are just having fun, and working hard. Missions are the greatest!
Elders left us a surprise!
  We are trying to focus more on finding, and so we are going to be knocking more doors. It should be good. I've had some interesting experiences tracting here in Farmington, so it will keep me on my toes that's for sure! We are going to be in by 730 on Halloween. We will go to the trunk or treat and then come home and carve a pumpkin and probably watch 17 Miracles exciting night! We can't dress up. We might switch name tags. But, we did buy superhero shirts last week and I am going to wear a Spider man shirt under my regular shirt and Sister Kidd has a Superman shirt she's going to wear. And we may show it to a few select people ha ha. But, that's the extent of our Halloweening! 
  So I am at a trading post right now, it's where we email everyweek, a member owns it. And this lady just walked in. Navajo. And her daughter just left on a mission to Milawakee! She is in the feild right now, so look out for a Sister Begay! She's from the Navajo Nation! Have her teach ya some Navajo and then we can chat when we get home :) Crazy right?
  Well, it sounds like you all are having fun. It sounds like today should be a fun trip! We are going golfing with the Prince's this afternoon, so that should be fun!
I love you all!
  Something I have been thinking a lot about this week is just being happy. I don't know how many times I have learned on my mission that my situation isn't what creates happiness, and I keep learning that lesson over and over again. You would think the Lord is trying to teach me something! But, I read the Book of Mormon everyday, and there is a special power that flows from it. And I know that it blesses people's lives. I know it has blessed my life. I know how important it is to read and study. This morning I was reading in 1 Nephi about when Lehi found a ball of curious workmanship outside his tent. He found the Liahona. And the question came to my mind, why did they need the Liahona? I know it lead and guided them? But the Lord has lead people in other ways before, a cloud by day, and a pillar of fire by night, and all kinda of other things. Why did they specifically need the Liahona? And in a still small, simple way the answer came. They needed the Liahona so we would know how to receive guidance and direction from the Lord. In a very visible way we see that when we are faithful and diligent in keeping the commandments of the Lord we receive guidance and direction. The Liahona's spindles would change from minute to minute, second to second, day to day, depending on their faithfulness and diligence. We too have to be diligent and faithful at all times, in all things, and in all places (Mosiah 18). Stay faithful, stay diligent, and recieve direction and guidance. I know that to be true. Use the scriptures to find the messages the Lord has in store for you. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
I love you.
Sister Rosemary Anderson

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