Sunday, September 16, 2012

Roller Coaster Week!!

Yaathee !
So this week has been a roller coaster!
   I'm glad time out for women was so fun! It's always good to hear some inspirational talks and whatnot. It definitely helps us to be uplifted! One thing that I have found is that, we always have to seek the good. I have learned that getting caught up about the little things is really useless, it just adds more unneeded stress in our lives. We have to focus on what's really important, the Gospel, and if we just live the Gospel everything else falls into place. That's a promise. Heavenly Father says seek ye first the Kingdom of God where moth or rust doth not corrupt nor thieves break through and steal. And eventually we will recieve our mansions.
  Well, let's see. This week we found 2 new investigators. Navanee and chad just moved into our ward. Chad is a member hasn't been active for awhile, and Navanee has been going to 7th ward with him for about 3 months. So we went over and taught them a brief restoration and plan of salvation lesson, because chad wanted them both done that day, but they aren't married so she is waiting for 2 months when her divorce is final and they are married and then she will be baptized. So that's exciting. Who knows if I'll still be here for that. We also started teaching Matt. Matt is the boyfriend of Samantha who is less active. Samantha is a recent convert even though she was raised in the church because her father didn't want her to get baptized (thanks for letting us be who we are Dad.) And then we meet with Sean, and Sean hadn't been reading so we kinda had a "determine the relationship" with him and we basically told him the ball was in his court and there wasn't too much more we could help him with, and he was really sad, and so we invited him to kneel down right then and pray to know if the Book of Mormon was true, and then after sitting in silence for about 5 minutes, our ward mission leader asked him "do you believe in Jesus Christ?" "I believe there's a God, yes." Then Darren said, "would you be willing to let me give you a blessing?" and Sean said sure. So Darren stood behind Sean and pronounced a beautiful, powerful blessing on Sean, and we were all in tears. Sean understood that blessing came from God, and we told him it was by that same power that the Book of Mormon was translated and we then asked him to quit smoking and be baptized on the 21st. He accepted. He was shocked, but accepted. It was so neat to see how the spirit of that meeting changed, and how humble we all were in that moment. Sean's attitude toward faith and believing what he can't see changed completely in that moment. It was a really special experience. We don't do a single thing as missionaries, and we need to let Heavenly Father do his job, we can't get in the way. All my talking and testifying  didn't do as much as letting Heavenly Father simply speak to that young man. It was really neat. Bro. Prince and Navanee were also at church, so we were really excited about that as well.
  We also got into a shaving cream fight....  I so wish I had the pictures to show you. They are being emailed to me, so hopefully I can get those to ya soon! We went to an institute activity to eat some free lunch haha and lo and behold they were having a shaving cream fight after. We told them, "we have to go out and work, we can't get all covered in shaving cream." and that sounded like a plausible idea, but execution needs a little work. So anyways, we went out to WATCH and before you know it I had shaving cream just on my arms, because of course they wanted to keep it on my arms and not get it anywhere else, like that would work haha anyways so I may or may not have wiped it on someones face.... and then it all just went downhill from there we were covered head to toe in shaving cream! so we wiped down as well as we could with towels and went home and showered for the second time that day haha it was a blast though. Shaving cream tastes nasty by the way.
  Well, I think that was about all, oh I am going on exchanges this week until Wednesday to Aztec. That sister who is really struggling that I told you about last week needs a break so I'm gonna go spend some time with her in her area. So it should be good!
   Anyways, love you all! VERY STINKIN MUCH!!! Like A LOT! You're the best of the best of the best! I hope you all know that!
Sister Rosemary Anderson

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