Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Marshmallow WARS................................................

Marshmallow wars
It is so good to hear from you all!!
Let's answer questions first. Yes, I do go to both Relief Society's and I love that they have been talking about missionary work so much! My companion is from Weezer, ID and I am finally getting reacquainted with white life, with my own splash of dine' in there haha.
  Well, where do I start, this week we saw a lot of miracles. Only 6 people were at the BBQ/movie night we had. We actually kinda turned out to be a good thing. It was our ward mission leader, the bishop, and the young men's president, and their wives. So it was a great opportunity to talk about missionary work in the ward and what we can do to help strength them. And they came up with the idea to challenge the RS and the EQ every week to hand out a pass a long, book of Mormon, or family proclamation. So we started that yesterday! So that will be awesome! I prayed all week that that night would be successful and even though there were only 8 of us there, I felt like what happened was exactly what they Lord wanted to happen. And I felt good about it.
  What else, then the opening prayer in church yesterday included missionary work! That was awesome! And Raymond invited a guy to church, granted he may have been a little tipsy but he invited him and that is what counts!!
  And then I got to see some Navajos sing in Navajo in sacrament meeting yesterday and that pretty much rocked. And just good things have happened!
  And I have started reading the Book of Mormon in Navajo and English and I have been picking up a few things. I don't necessarily know how to say them, I just know what they mean. so that's exciting.
  And let's see what else. Oh! I got to see April from Shiprock! That was awesome!! I got to see all the girls and they all gave me a giant hug and it was just so awesome!! I just love that family! They rock.
  Oh and everyone goes back to school today and tomorrow so it will be nice for the work. People like to leave in summer, what's up with that?
  Let's see, what else. Oh! so today for PDay we are having a marshmallow war! haha it's awesome! We got some pvc pipe and some marshmallows, and you wouldn't believe how far those things can fly. I'll attach some pictures. This is all the sisters in the area. My comp is in the red t-shirt. not maroon, red.And this war is to be continues after we get back. Which we are supposed to be back there in like 5 minutes, so I better get going.
  I love you all! You are all in my prayers, and gma as well :)
Ayoo nish ni!
Sister Anderson

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