Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I am so excited Charlotte is here!

I am so excited Charlotte is here!! The newer pictures she looked just like her sister! But in the older pictures she looked more like herself. I can't tell if she looks more like Brady or Jenn this time. I guess I expected another little Bella to come into this world, but she is her own little person. I guess I forget that too! I can't wait to get to know her personality as well :) It's amazing to know the Plan of Happiness that out Heavenly Father has for us, and to know that she has always existed and always will exist, but now it's just in a different form. She just gets to become familiar with a physical body and to teach us so much about how to become Christlike and how to really and truly understand what it means to become as a little child. Heavenly Father has a great plan for each and every one of His children, I am excited to know what his is for her :) You know, that's something that I have been pondering a lot on lately, the plan that Heavenly Father has for each one of us. I have been thinking about what I need to learn right now. And how I am applying lessons learned in the past. It's really kind of a neat thing to be able to look at all experiences as an opportunity to learn. It doesn't make things quite so difficult sometimes. I know Heavenly Father is aware of us, and I know that He always wants the best for us, that's why He lets us learn and grow. I am excited to be a part of this family and for Charlotte to be able to learn and grow with each of us.
  Well, let's see. That's crazy that they're making three wards. That'll be really different. And changing the stake boundaries. The Lord knows that He's doing, so there's great blessings in store!  I'm glad that all these young men are grateful and excited to go! It will be a great experience for them! There is a sister in a family that we see that is getting ready to go to Guatemala and she is so excited and kinda nervous haha but I am excited for her! We are trying to get her to go out with us!
 I love all the pictures! They are always welcome :))
Well, let's see. Main events this week. We helped a hysterical girl get some help. We walked out of our dinner apt and were getting ready to knock the street and she ran out in front of our car and long story short we called the police for her and we decided not to knock that street anymore. But, it was interesting. Because, as we were sitting there in the car, I really didn't feel like knocking doors, but I also didn't feel like we could leave that street. So I just decided to pull the car to the end of the street where we could start and it would be out of the way, and that's when she stopped us. After we talked to her and called the po po I felt like we could go, that we didn't need to knock it anymore. We were there just to get her some help. I think this transfer is really teaching me that missionary work is more and the good things you do and the person you are rather than the results of your labors. It isn't all about the numbers here and I know that. I just doesn't make me feel like I am doing very good when our numbers are low. I am really learning diligence and patience and relying more on the Lord for help than worrying about what the outward fruits of my efforts are, if that makes sense. My standing as a missionary is between me and Him, not between me and my district leader, or anyone else. So that's been a learning process haha. Let's see, what else has happened. I have been meeting some really cool people and getting to know people a lot more, so that's been good.
  I think that's about it. We are finding more people so that's been good. And I am just enjoying my time here! Thanks for all your love and support!
Ayoo nish ni
Sister Anderson

Last weeks that didn't get posted.
Well, transfers have come and gone and we are both staying here. Sister Kidd is coming to Bloomfield, which is nearby so I am excited about that. And they are opening up a new sister area in Page! I am so excited! But a lot of people are being reunited with old companions and going back to old areas and all kinds of stuff, so that's kinda crazy.
   Well, I am doing good. I am learning a lot and really just taking in this opportunity to learn. Let's see what's happened this week? Well, I was really excited to hear sister Kidd will be here, we miss each other. Sister Miller, my sister, who was also trained by Sister New, is leaving and is actually opening Page, so that's kinda crazy. I will miss her too.
The work is picking up here. We have started teaching a baptist preacher who has A LOT of questions! He isn't a basher though so that's cool. And we also met a young man who came with a friend (who we are also meeting with) to a lesson and started asking us awesome questions so that was cool! And then we went to the flea market and handed out a ton of pass a longs and talked to a bunch of people and ate some navajo tacos that weren't so good and had a grand ole time! It was so nice to be at the flea market! One of the areas, which was two wards is splitting so that's exciting for them. And I think tha'ts about all the major news.
Oh I also met a sister who just got home from her mission a few weeks ago and was able to chat mission life with her so that was nice. That was a great blessing to me. I think that's about it.
Sister Anderso

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