Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I got a TURTLE!!!

Well hello there! How are you all doing? I am doing good! 
   I have been reading Our Heritage a lot lately and it really puts into perspective the sacrifices and the joys that the early saints went through. I think they had joys and witnessed things that were equal to their persecutions, and I think we have the same opportunity in our lives.I would love to see all those sites. Heavenly Father always gives up enough blessings and things to get us through all the hard things and then love and trust Him still. Isn't that amazing?

  Well, let's see, this week. I got a turtle! YES! A TURTLE! No, I don't have any pictures. So we were at a lesson with Raymond (he was the one that was baptized when I was here the first time) and somehow we got on the topic of pets and there were a few other people there. And I was saying how I wish puppies were allowed and so then this girl Tiff is like,"I'll get you a turtle!" and she was serious. And So I just said, no that's okay, I can't keep it, I'm not home enough to take care of it and whatnot. and it didn't convince her at all. So anyways, She text-ed us the other night and was just like, "I got Sister Anderson a turtle!" and so I asked her if it was stuffed or fake and she was like "nope! it's very much alive!" and so I began the search to find a home for the turtle, and no one wanted it! And there are snapping turtles around here and everyone was telling me their crazy snapping turtle stories (i didn't know what kind of turtle it would be at this point) and anyways one family we teach was telling us how the turtle bit her cousins tongue! and wouldn't let go! so of course I'm thinking I am not losing a digit for this creature. Anyways so she tells us that she will bring it to church on Sunday. So she shows up and was like "your turtle is in the car!" and the whole time i just kept saying "no it's not. you didn't get me a turtle." and we are walking across the parking lot and she is explaining to me how she put holes in the box and how to feed it and how big it grows and what kind of cage to get and all this stuff, and I was like Tiff! I can't keep this! so anyways, we get to the car and the windows are up and my first thought is: "the turtle is dead" and then she opens up the car door and pulls out an orange nike shoe box with holes poked all over it and says, "i wouldn't approach it from the front, it snaps...." great ahah so anyways I very carefully open up the box and there is a big fat set of scriptures in it!!! hahaha anyways, she got a me a turtle necklace! she has also threatened to put a bull snake on our porch and she has picked up and carried me across the parking lot for a water balloon fight (which i didn't actually end up participating in, because I convinced her that it wouldn't be appropriate for me to show up at people's houses soaking wet) and she is just crazy. she is waiting for her call right now so that's exciting! That was my funny story for the week.
  What else happened this week. Oh I met Jenny's twin and Uncle Steve's twin. We sat down with Uncle Steve's twin and had a nice long discussion about religion and how we should all be brothers and sisters in Christ and about where the native Americans came from and where the book of mormon came from and all kinda of stuff. And he tried to feed us tea. He told us it was herbal so we were like okay, but it didn't smell herbal so neither of us were really drinking it and then he noticed and called and asked his wife what was in it and she told him and was like, "oh i'm so sorry you guys can't drink this" and then he got us some water. But, he had a bunch of friends who were LDS growing up and he went to church once and no one talked to him, so he hasn't gone back. But asked for our number so he could call if he had questions about what we believe. he has seen the God makers so it should be quite the discussion. 
  Let's see, what else? Oh the world series of 16-18 year old baseball is in town this week so it's been kinda crazy. And we are starting a movie/hamburger/hot dog night with the ward this week. We wanted a none "in your face missionary tool" so we came up with movie night so we are really excited that the ward grabbed onto that so quick and ran with it. So they said yesterday in PEC "let's get it together for this saturday" and so we are. So that's really exciting. I've never seen an idea implemented so quickly. Oh and our ward mission leader took us to dinner and then fiddler on the roof. So we saw fiddler on the roof last week.
  Let's see, what else. I think that's about it!
I love you all! Thanks for all your love and support! You all rock!
Ayoo nish ni!
Sister Anderson

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