Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Most of our district July 2012

Sister and Elder Haney and me
Well, let me just start off by saying that surprising things happened this week! I have been transferred!!

Well let's see, Saturday morning I woke up, and I was telling my companion how frustrated I was because I felt like I had done my part for the people in Gallup and it was time for me to move on, but I couldn't because it was  barely the beginning of a new transfer. And she was just telling me that I should pray about it and whatnot. So I got down on my knees and said a nice long prayer, and afterwards I felt kind of confused and I felt like I should call President Batt, so I did. He didn't answer so I left a message. And so later that afternoon Sister Davis was taking us around to go and see people and he calls back. And he asked how I was doing and how Sister Patrick and I were doing and I told him good. And then he says "well, Sister Anderson I have a new assignment for you. I would like you to serve in the Farmington 5 ward/San Juan YSA branch. The Lord is telling me very strongly that He needs you there. You need to be here as soon as possible." I asked if we could come Sunday so I could pack and say goodbye and whatnot and he said that was fine. So Sister Davis took us home and I put clothes in the wash and we went and started saying goodbye to people. So I packed all my stuff up and we drove up here to Farmington and here we are!
The work here in Farmington is a little slower than in Gallup. So it will interesting getting used to that. But, I have some big goals that the Lord has set for me and I know that He really wants the work to progress a lot more here. So I am excited to this new adventure. Now, if I can just learn how to be white again. 
  Well, in Gallup there will be a baptism on Tuesday so we are looking forward to that. I asked Sister Patrick to send me pictures so hopefully that will be taken care of.
   Oh my new companion's name is Sister Real. She is pretty young on the mission. She's been out for about 4.5 months or so. Something like that. She is eager to work so that will be good. 
   Sister Stewart went to Gallup with Sister Patrick. Sister Patrick was freaking out because she had only been there for about 10 days and was taking over. They were pretty much doing a white wash (when they bring in two new missionaries at the same time), but she can call me whenever she needs to. And Brother and Sister Davis are super helpful so that's good. She has a good ward and all the help that she needs to succeed!
   Well, it will be interesting here. It will be good though and I know the Lord has promised me many great blessings here in Farmington, so I am looking forward to that!
Ayoo nish ni  Sister Anderson

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