Sunday, July 22, 2012

They like to scare me!

Well hello there friends and family!

Well, last week Sister Patrick arrived on wednesday. Now, transfers are usually on Tuesdays, but there was a freak storm in Denver and so all the greenies got held overnight there so they didn't get to Farmington until Tuesday meaning transfers had to get pushed back until Wednesday. The Zone Leaders texted us on Monday and told us that transfers got pushed back until Wednesday because "the new missionaries got held captive in Denver" It being summer and all the storm thing didn't even really cross my mind, so I thought, "there are missionaries being held captive?!?! They are being awfully calm about this sending this via text!!!" And then I proceeded to spread rumors because I failed to realize that they weren't really being held captive and that their plane just got delayed. The zone leaders thought that that quite a hilarious story when I told them that. They like to scare me. They are always sending these really vague texts and I always freak about them. They think it's hilarious, I on the other hand am beginning to struggle to discern what they say is true and what isn't .
    Well things are good here. We are trying to reconnect with people that have been lost for the summer.
   We are doing good and looking forward to this transfer. I have been here for a while now, but I love it! It's cool to see people change and grow. There were a lot of changes last transfer, they opened a new Sister area in Kirtland because there were 3 new sisters coming in, so they had to. So that's cool. I'm excited for them, the Elders have been calling it the promised land haha but, I like Gallup.
   I think that's about everything.... thank you for all your love and support!
Sister Anderson

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