Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I was Super Animated!

This week we went on exchanges from Thursday to Saturday, while Sister Patrick was here we found one new investigator and talked to a lot of people.
  There is a senior couple here in Gallup, the Haneys.  Elder Haney is awesome. He is the first person I have met that I have absolutely known that I was here to meet.  Part of the reason Sister Rowley came here was so that I could meet the Haneys. Sometimes you just meet people that feel like old friends, or mentors, and they are one of them. And Heavenly Father is so merciful in bringing us all here.
  But, anyways, I'll move on. I'm learning lots and that's good enough for me.
So we are teaching this one young woman, she is from the Phillipines and she is awesome. super sweet. We are hoping to set a date with her next week. She is super prepared.
   Let's see, oh I can't email a picture of my ring today because this computer won't let me, so hopefully I can get that yo you all soon.
   Oh we met this one girl Cassi and had an awesome lesson with her and taught her all about God and who He is and prayer and she knew it was true, she told us, and then she said that she was feeling overwhelmed and that we should call her in a month, and I asked if we could call her in 3 weeks, and we left her with our number, so we'll see how that goes. I am really hoping to meet with her again. She is sweet. And I could feel the Spirit teaching because I was super animated, and any of you who know me, know that I am not very animated. It's cool how the Spirit helps us to teach how is best for the person we are visiting. I have never taught that way before, and haven't since. It was really interesting to see how the Lord uses us.
   I think that was about all of the major things.
The show looked like fun! I'm glad she enjoyed it! 

Pictures always welcome :)
   Ayoo nish ni!
Sister Anderson

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