Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Well hello family and friends!

I just want you all to know that I LOVE YOU ALL SO STINKIN MUCH!!! And
I'm super grateful for all your prayers and support! I couldn't do this
without any of you.
   I was taught recently that running away from hard things only makes things hard. Running at them and taking them on, only makes things easier and really helps us to become stronger.
  But, I'm not perfect, but I know that through Christ I can be.  Well, let's see what's happned this week.
  Mary bore her testimony in sacrament meeting. She got up and talked all about Sister Kidd. She talked about how everytime she was sick or down or whatnot Sister Kidd would text her or knock on her door, and that was awesome. Missionary work is awesome! It is moments like those that make everything beyond worth it! But, we invited her to be baptized last week and she said ask her again in 6 weeks and I said I might not be here in 6 weeks! and she said "you better!!"  there's nothing to be done about if I am or not. It was a really special experience for me, so I won't write everything down, but ask me when I get home and I will tell you. It was probably my favorite moment thus far on my mission. Baptisms and confirmations included. It was just really cool to see the Lord's work in action. You don't always get to see or hear the fruits of your labors.
  Let's see, what else. OH! President Batt has arrived, and I have't heard much and much hasn't changed yet haha but I have a feeling it will. We have zone conference Thursday so we will see. I am looking forward to meeting him. I have a feeling things might getting a little stricter around here. President Jones let us use workout dvds and stuff, but I think that will be gone. And I think things might just get a little more formal. I don't think President Batt will let us play games with him and Sister Batt until 1030 at night at the mission home on Christmas eve. Haha so it'll be good to have new energy though!
   Oh for the 4th I think we are going ot try and eat a lot haha Idk, we have a couple meal appointments set up, so we will see. We will probably end up knocking on a lot of doors, I'm not sure how many people will be home or how many will want to talk to us, haha holidays
are usually pretty slow.
   Um let's see, I think that's about it. I love you all!

Sister Anderson

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