Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Snowflake Temple trip!

Sisters at Snowflake Temple, Arizona
Well hello dearest darlingest momsy and poppsy and family that is just as dearest and darlingest!

Wellllllllll CANT WAIT TO TALK TO YOU ALL!!!! As we said we will be probably calling around three our time so two your time. We have church when Robby is planning on calling so that won't really work out for us :( but I'll call in the morning or shoot ya a text or something and see what he says after you have talked to him. 

Elder Anderson, I can't believe you're District Leader!! That's SO awesome!! You will do great, you always do, I'll be praying for you too! I know how effective a dedicated DL can be, and I know you will really help those you are serving with. I hope you all know how much I love you and pray for you all as often as I can. I know that you guys are praying for me and support me probably more than I know. I really appreciate all that you do. I know that the temple especially brings great blessings into your lives as you attend and into the lives of your family. I feel it. 

We went to the temple yesterday!! Woot woot!! They opened the temple for us missionaries! We drove two hours to Snowflake, left at 9 and got there at 10:30 Arizona time and the temple President and Matron spoke to us then President and Sister Jones spoke to us as well. It was really neat to be able to hear these men and women of God get up and bless us and praise us and encourage us.  President and Sister Jones, and the temple President and Matron were all present there with us. How neat that was. The last time my companion was in the temple was when she went for her sister who passed in February. So it was an emotional experience for her. She is one strong person though. We all really felt the need to be in the temple. It was almost as if you could feel the desire. We were hungry and the Lord knew it. He knew where to send us, and we have a mission president who heeds His call. It was great to feel the Spirit there and the recharge. After we all got out you could just feel the joy everyone had. We were all smiling and laughing and talking, and I don't think there was a single soul among us who didn't need that or benefit from the temple. How I love my Savior and Heavenly Father for providing so many pieces of Heaven on earth! He truly is a merciful and loving God. Please, enjoy the temple!

Well, I guess I will move on now. After we got back from the temple we went over to Brother and Sister Winn's house. He is a recent convert and just had a hip replacement. He is recovering quickly and doing well. We had dinner with them last night and had a two hour discussion about peyote and how to "blast" people from the black and white existence to a world of color by bearing testimony of the divinity of Jesus and His sacrifice for us. He is a very smart man, very well educated, and very well versed in the Bible. It was fun to be able to talk to him! I found answers to some of my questions and prayers with that discussion. Questions about how to bear powerful testimony and why it is important to do it frequently. Heavenly Father is so merciful!

Well on Sunday we had SO many people come to church!!!! It was AWESOME!!!!!!! PEOPLE WE WEREN'T EVEN EXPECTING!! People that we were about to stop teaching because they wouldn't come! Just when we are about to give up, the Lord shows us what He can do. We have investigators and less actives some. It was awesome!

Well, let's see, what else is happening. One of our investigators just set a baptismal date for June 1, but that is after this transfer, so who knows if we will still be here! This lady married a member six months ago, started coming to church and loves it and even has a calling already! haha She's super sweet! We have been waiting for her to set a date and so we are looking forward to this!

And we have finally been able to meet with some people so woot woot for that! We were really struggling to see people this last week, and we were really realizing how much obedience to exactness and letting the Lord lead really makes all the difference. We are obedient, but we can be being obedient to exactness a little better. The Lord is helping us out and really showing us what He can do when we let Him. Sometimes He needs us to ask too.

Anyways, I better get going. That was all the major things that have happened. Oh and I got both packages, the contacts are awesome, thanks. I forgot what a difference they make. And i have been eating those fruit bars like crazy. They are good.  And I got the motab, THANKS!  

Oh well, I guess I have a couple of funny stories to tell. So we found this blue puppy dog stuffed in the back of our closet and it's been finding it's way everywhere! Sister Kidd keeps hiding it in the funniest places for me to find! I hid it in the shower once haha that was funny, I guess as I'm saying this, it really doesn't sound as funny as it is. But, anyways, she's hid it in my bag, and my pajama pants and all over the place. But, she did dump cold water on me while I was in the shower!! She came in to finish getting ready while I was in there and she dumped a cup of freezing cold water on me, it was pretty funny. And then we went to the flea market to get some frybread and I put honey and powder sugar on mine and then folded it up. And it was fresh so the hot fry bread melted the honey and it got ALL OVER my skirt! I didn't even see it until we got back in the car! I was just walking around talking to people with honey all over me. And then three hours later I found it on my chin. Apparently Sister Kidd didn't see it. haha Anyways, I think that's about it. 

Love you all!

Sister Anderson

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