Tuesday, May 1, 2012

So excited to go to the Temple!!

Jenice  baptism 4/30

Ohlo family and friends!

Well this is going to be short, sorry! We have dinner in soon. We
didn't get here earlier because Sister Kidd was cutting our neighbors
hair and we had housing inspections today. So we cleaned till 2 ate
and then were on our way to email and realized the senior couple was
supposed to be here in like 15 minutes so we stayed and cut hair and
played with kids and then we have dinner tonight at 630, so that's why
this is going to be quick. I'm sure you wanted to know that whole

Well Jenice was baptised this week!!!! Woot woot!! It was great! a lot
of the ward was able to come and her family too so that was cool! She
was confirmed yesterday and her mom and little boy (who is so cute!)
came. Her mom was reaised traditional and so she said she never really
experienced anything like that and that she really liked the warm
feeling she had. They are open, but we feel like patience will be key.
And then we went over last night and taught them a lesson and watched
the Joseph Smith movie and they loved it! Her five siblings still
aren't really that interested but the parents enjoyed it. We left 4
copies of the Book of Mormon with them. So that was cool. They are a
really sweet family. They want to teach us how to make frybreads and
speak navajo so we are excited about that. We really love this family.
They are so sweet. Oh it was cute so last night Sister Kidd was asking
me to help her up from the floor so I pulled her up and then Anthony
the little boy squatted down and reached out his hand to me haha he is
almost 2. he never says anything but "ya" or nods his head. but he
loves to smash his cars with me.

Let see, oh so we met with Sister Becenti and her kids, and it went
well, they know nothing about God and so it will be interesting
teaching them. They are smart and ask a lot of really deep, but good

What else, oh so the senior couple that came to do inspections today
was supposed to bring my packages and couldn't. there was a mix up in
the office, so no I haven't gotten them yet. but hopefully next week.

Oh speaking of next week, since we are going to the Temple I won't
probably email till tuesday. so excited to go!
Anyways, things are good! i'm glad you're all staying so busy and
working hard. it looks like Rely for Life was good and everyone
enjoyed it. tell everyone hi for me and i love them.

love you all, got to go!
Mosiah 2:41

Sister Anderson

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