Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We had a great Easter Day!

So I realize every time I write a Navajo word it's spelled differently.  I don't know how to spell them. I can just say some of them half way decently. Anyways, don't judge me haha.
Our Easters was good too! We had lunch with a member after church and then we went and visited a few people. We saw one of our investigators and we helped her and her fianc√© hide eggs for their kids. There were SO MANY eggs and their trailer is not that big. We were struggling to find places to hide them after a while. But the littlest girl found the "Golden egg" which had three dollars in it so that was fun for her. it's her snow cone money. We all may have helped her out a little, but that's the fun part right? Her two older siblings were just finding eggs like crazy so we had to give her a hand.  But after that we went and tried to find a former investigator and she wasn't too happy to see us. We were kinda hurt by that. But then we went out to Vanderwagen, which is "rez-like" but not officially "rez" so that was fun. We talked to this less active family that is really into rodeo and they have some really pretty horses and they had like 5 or 6 gorgeous peacocks so that was cool. Anyways the Grandpa is Bob and he was really nice, he was out for a Sunday cruise around the yard in his tractor and he was like "Oh hey you know I'm a Mormon, he just doesn't go to church. was a sweet man though. And his wife is Navajo (he is white) and so we talked to her about the missionaries she used to know and how she had to learn Navajo in college and how hard it was for her and how she is going to be a teacher soon to teach Navajo classes so we shared with her the words we knew and she taught us some words so that was fun. we talked to her for a long time. it was neat and then we talked to their son-in-law and granddaughter and they are really into rodeo and they were on their way back up to the mountains to ride, but we are looking forward to going back out there and meeting them again. And then we went to try and see another less active and she wasn't home or doesn't live there anymore, we never really got a straight answer on that. Anyways, a member of her family (we think) and his girlfriend
were there and we were able to teach them about the Plan of Salvation and invited them to be baptized and they said yes! how the Lord works is amazing! anyways, we invited them to church, and we are looking forward to seeing them on Sunday! and that was our Easter! so it was a great day!!!
So for the rest of the week, well we had a baptism! It was that catholic man, and it was great! We were even able to have two investigators attend!! One of those investigators was the young woman scheduled to be baptized on the 24. so we were SO glad she came!! And the other young man that came has been waiting to get baptized for a while, but has to work through some legal issues so we were glad he came too. But anyway, then on Sunday this girl came to church, in a skirt and stayed all 3 hours!!! She is AWESOME! We were SO happy to see her there. I think that and teaching a random lesson about the Plan of Salvation really made Easter amazing. Well let's see, what else happened this week.... Oh we had training again for two days. And it was awesome! It was really neat to be able to learn so much from our Mission President.. But, anyway, we learned about commitments, and how to extend commitments and how to really promise blessings and testify so that there is no misunderstand that whatever the commitment is, is a commandment from God. And one of the APs got a major nose bleed, I think it bled for over two hours. So all of us missionaries knelt as President jones offered up a prayer in his behalf (he had received a blessing previously) and asked that he might be healed. It was really a neat experience to be able to kneel with so many missionaries and feel the power and faith of our President. There is no question that this man is a man of God. He is remarkable. When he speaks, you listen and take heed. He knows how to preach and testify and to make sure you know exactly what you need to do. I will miss him and Sister Jones a lot when they go.
I was studying JS History yesterday morning and really trying to pick out a pattern that he followed for receiving revelation (what I am working on right now)and I believe that it was verse 26 or 27 and Moroni gave him a charge that He was to be responsible for the things that he received. It's the same with us. We are to be responsible for the light and knowledge that we receive, no matter what it is. We have to do our part and live up to what the Lord expects. And that knowledge and that light that we don't use, will be taken from us. Sister Baca was expressing how she couldn't remember much of what she was taught anymore, that was a living witness to the truthfulness of that statement. We have a responsibility to do what is right. And as we do we will be added upon and learn line upon line, precept upon precept and here a little and there a little, and the Lord will bless us with the strength and courage to do what is right. I know I've seen that, and I'm so grateful that as I do my part and keep my promises the Lord keeps His. I was reading this morning in 2 Nephi somewhere and he was talking to his brothers and telling them that because they supposed that they were greater than the gentiles they were not. ALL people who repent and come unto him, whether it be jew or gentile can become part of the covenant people. And I just thought, even though I am part of a covenant people, I cannot suppose that I am better off than they who are not, for I can be cutoff just as easily. And it is my job to make sure everyone has the chance to come unto the Lord and become part of the covenant people
.Ayoo nish ni (do you know what this means yet?)
Sister Anderson

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