Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Conference was AWESOME!

So I was almost done writing about all the cool things I learned in conference and the week and then the computer rebooted.... technology isn't always my favorite.

Well let's see I guess I get to start all over.

Conference was awesome! I really enjoyed all the talk and how they all fit together. There was a lot on the family. I know my love for you grew and my desire to share the Gospel with families grew as well. I know i was really grateful for the first couple of talks on Saturday
morning about missionary work. I knew it would be a blessing to you all, and especially to you mom. I really like how the theme was kinda about loving people and forgiving others and ourselves. sometimes we just have to "jump in" and save the person who's drowning instead of asking if they need help. we have to help them gain a vision of how Heaven sees them. We can help them do that through the Holy Ghost. I am really grateful for the opportunity to listen to conference and soooo grateful for prophets and apostles! I'm impressed with the amount of notes you took mom! I love that you loved it so much! being a missionary is such a humbling experience. I am so grateful for this time I have to learn. I am really trying to let the mission enter in and not jsut be on a mission. I know that if I just "jump in" that I can do that. I am looking forward to becoming who the Lord wants me to be. That's what this life is about right?

Can you believe I've been out for almost 5 months??? Transfers go by so quick! Sister Kidd and I realized today that we only have 8 transfers left! AHHH! I'm not really looking forward to this going by as fast as it is to be honest. We really have to make this time count!  A transfer goes by like nothing. but on the bright side, I still have 2/3 of my mission left! so that's cool!

Well, this week we reset a baptismal date and are really exicted for her! she was supposed to come to sunday afternoon conference but her son was sick :( so that was sad. but she is coming to a baptism this coming saturday so tha's exciting! we will taker her on a church tour as well!

Oh and I totally played a aprils fools joke on Sister Kidd yesterday. I put those TNT popper things under the toliet seat HAHA in the morning and then we left and I totally forgot about them until she ran in the bathroom after we got home. and then I heard a "pop" and a
"what in the world was that?!" hahahaha it was awesome! i about died laughing and so did she. it was funny, i was pretty proud of myself for that one. she was trying to think of  something to do I guess, but she hasn't yet. I did make french toast yesterday morning so i wasn't being a total bum haha

Anyways i'm sorry this isn't as long as the last email was, but I'm gonna go before it shuts down on my again!! love you all!

Sister Anderson

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