Monday, April 16, 2012

Yateheey! Ayoo nish ni

STAYING IN GALLUP! haha I'm finally staying somewhere! Crazy huh? I didn't really expect that to happen. I'm still kind of not sure how to react. I feel like I need to be home packing boxes and doing laundry and saying goodbye and all that jazz. When Sister Kidd found out we were staying she practically did backflips haha she started dancing. Well, first of all our District Leader told us that she was going to
Monticello so she got really sad for a little bit, at that point I started freaking out, because I do not feel in ready to take over an area. I kept teasing her she was going to train. But then after about five minutes of Sister Kidd saying "no, you're joking" he finally told us we were both staying. So we are pretty happy. We have found 3 new investigators this week and have a baptism next, so we realllllly didn't want to go! there are some good things happening! Oh and some of our less actives are coming more often! It's so great! Anyways, I'll talk more about that later on. But, yes we are staying!

So, back to you guys! It sounds like you're keeping really busy and trying to stay dry! I heard there was some tornado watches out there from a lady in the ward who used to live in the valley. And I heard
there was some out near Oklahoma, not Milwaukee. Stay safe Elder Anderson!
Let's see, what else has happened this week? Oh so I got up this morning, very groggy and still not completely awake and entered the restroom, well I sat down and all of a sudden I hear a loud "POP"
hahahaha I woke up immediately and started laughing so hard! I realized immediately it was the poppers! Sister Kidd must have done before bed last night! Anyways I went back into the room and she was
still praying but man as soon as she got up she DIED laughing! She was just said "I HAD to get you back!" hahaha we laughed for like five minutes. Apparently she was praying when it happened, She was telling me how she couldn't hold her giggles in! It was so funny! Anyways, she got me back. Since I did that to her a couple of weeks ago, we have started throwing poppers at each other. I scare her a lot. She scares me too, so it all works out.

Well let's see. Let's talk about the work. We found one lady tracting who we were able to teach the Plan of Salvation to, but we really aren't sure how much she will remember. She seemed to understand it
just fine. So that's good. We have an appt with her tomorrow. She said she used to go to the Church but, I don't think she's been for a while. We know it brought her comfort. She just lost her Sister about
a month or a few weeks ago at least. She asked if we could bless her sisters stuff, and we said, no we can't do that, but we can pray with you. So that was cool.

Anyways, the other investigators are twins! Their mom was a member but they were raised traditionally with their dad. And I guess their cousin served a mission and is now a peyote drummer. That's a 180 if
I've ever heard one. Anyways. They are really traditional. But the brother came up to the Elders last week during emails (we email at the college) and asked if someone could come talk to him and so they
referred him to us and we called and set up an appt and then later in the week we went over and met with him and his twin sister and they are really cool! They are 21 and really nice people. They were really
nervous though. But, we just met with them and talked with them and got to know them. They are working on business degrees together so they can start a business here in Gallup. But he just kept saying "I'm
sorry I'm really nervous, I've been looking forward to you guys coming all week" and "I'm really excited" and stuff. I didn't really know how to react, because no one has ever said that to us hahah but it was
cool. We gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon and told him we would talk more about it next time we came over. So that was cool.

And Jenice is doing well! She is excited to be baptised!! I just love her! I'm so glad I get to be here for her baptism!! I would have been so sad to miss it! We both would have been so sad to miss it! Can't
wait till you can know these people like I do!
Um chocolate is always good haha but, it is getting warmer. We did have a freak storm blow through though. We hadn't been wearing jackets for the last few weeks and then all of a sudden we were in boots,
heavy coats and scarves! It is back to normal again though. Oh and we have a temple trip on the 3 and 4 or 4 and 5 I'm not really sure. President Jones is going to let the southern part of the misson go to

Okay so let me explain the pictures. The first one if of me cutting a can open with a knife, no one was
hurt in the process, we didn't have a can opener, we do now!
The second is us at brother vigils baptism with him and his family and a few other people!
The third is our district at our last district meeting!

Oh and one of the elders from my MTC district is doing to be in my
district now! I'm so excited, he's so cool!  The sweetest kid, he's awesome!

Anyways, I really gotta go.
Love you all! And yes, it means I love you!
Sister Anderson!

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