Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I am so grateful I was called here....

Yateheey family! how are you?? It sounds like it's been an exciting
week back there is California! 

We had two baptismal dates set this week! One is with a man who's
family is all members. His wife and kids are all baptized, but he is
catholic. He's been taking the lessons for about 6 months, and we
showed up on Friday and he asked if he could set a date for the 7 so
we are really excited about that! And then one of our other
investigators we set a date with the 14 for, we didn't feel like she
was super ready but, we felt like she will be ready by that date, so
we set it.. We taught a lesson to one our our investigators (the daughter
to the family who lost their son) about the plan of salvation, and
man, was that an awesome lesson.  Sister Kidd is great,
she really invited the Spirit. They were all asking really good
questions, and really wanted to know more. We wanted to keep talking
but, we had to go, we were turning into pumpkins.

Miracles are happening here! We were so excited that the one man
wanted to PEN IN a date!! We didn't even bring it up, he just asked!
that's a amazing!!

There are awesome people here in Gallup, I'm so grateful I was called
here. I see more and more why I was called to this mission. Even
though I am transferred often, I know I have been allowed the
opportunity to touch people's hearts, and I am really beginning to see
how the Lord calls us to specific places at specific times for
specific people. Sometimes it's for our companion, and sometimes it's
for the members, and sometimes it's for those who just need to hear
your testimony and feel your spirit to feel and know the truth. We
have people who like to argue and bash with us, but when we bear
testimony, they cannot deny us that. they cannot deny us what we truly
believe. People may try to convince us, but because the Spirit has
witnessed to us the truth we cannot deny it. And when they feel our
sincerity and our testimony, and the spirit of our calling, they
cannot deny our knowledge either. It's amazing how quickly you can
resolve conflicts by bearing testimony and then saying "hagoneey". If
you are ever faced with conflict, simply bear testimony of the Savior,
the restoration, and the Book of Mormon, and then leave it at that. If
they don't have a testimony of the Restoration, or desire to have a
testimony, no evidence we present to their mind will suffice. the Book of Mormon is our evidence, they need a testimony of that, for anything else to fall into place.

Well, now let me tell you some stories haha. So we go visit the
Hospital 1-2 times a week and this week we saw some older navajo
ladies. One didn't speak any english. She was so cute though, she kept
saying she thinks we are from Salt Lake haha. Her daughter was translating for us. She was cute. The other lady was so confused though. We showed her a pass along card with Christ coming forth out
of the tomb and she didn't recognize him or know his name even. that was sad. and then she kept asking us if we were from the bank. It was kinda funny. And then we asked if we could say a prayer with her and she was like "we are in a hospital dear" and we said "we know, that's
okay, we can pray" and she just said "no, we are in a hosptial" it was kinda funny. And then last night we went out to Vanderwagen, which is rez, but not officially. and we went to a member to ask where some people lived and we ended up there for 3 hours!! After like an hour
and a half we tried leaving and then they kept talking and then after2 hours we said a prayer to leave and then kept talking. we talked about how to raise kids, the traditions of the natives, people we were
trying to find, colds, navajo police and reservations, and everywhere they've traveled, and probably anything else you can think of. it was funny, we felt bad because we didn't get to see anyone really last night, but we did try to leave. they are super awesome though and it was really cool being able to talk to them. they are an older couple,white, so they were able to tell us about some of the navajos and their stories so that was cool. the navajos don't always talk as 
clearly as we would like sometimes, but it's okay. We learn. they don't really understand the gamaliis all the time either so that's
okay. But we did meet a less active family the other night that are way awesome! they were really fun to talk to. we talked about big foot and mma stuff and school and tons of other things. they were a lot of fun and we talked to them about missionary work and stuff so it was
cool. they love church, they just don't have the time to go.... at least that's what they think.

Oh we did play this tag game with the Elders at zone conference, which
was awesome btw, and I toltally kicked their butts. They seem to think
sisters can't do anything. Idk it's just a guys thing I guess. But
it's always fun to show them girls can run and play and be rough and
tough. But, it's interesting playing in a skirt. I know it sounds like
fun to run around in a skirt, but it's not. And it gets really windy
here too, so that's a lot of fun!  We live in a little mother in laws quarters between two
members which is nice. We lost our can opener so we used a knife once
and that didn't really go too smoothly, I mean it worked find and no
one got hurt, but it wasn't very fun. so we just walk over to their
house and ask to use theirs. And then they give us food sometiems too
so that's cool haha. Anyways going to go now.
Ayoo nish ni
Sister Anderson

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