Monday, March 19, 2012

Well, this week has been interesting! One of our investigators, saidthat she is thinking about the end of March as a good time to be baptized! (we kinda have to let her set the date, she has a lot going on.) she's actually from Chicago, and I told her you served there
Brad, and she asked where and I said all the I remember is Gary, and she was like, "he survived?" haha yeah.... but we found some awesome potential investigators to teach as well, one said "you guys just made me feel so much better, i was thinking about how i wanted to go back to church this morning" how awesome is that! AND we had a ton of
people come to church yesterday!!! It was AWESOME! It's moments like those that make it all worth it! We taught the Plan of Salvation (which is an awesome lesson to teach) to one of our investigators and committed him to church and him and his less-active girlfriend came!
and one of our other investigators who hadn't been in a while came too! It was great! We have been doing a lot of former investigator finding and less-active finding. And let's just say some poeple think it's really weird when you show up on their door step and you know
their name and you've never personally met them. But, generally once you explain your missionaries it gets better haha. there was one door we knocked on and the guy saw our tags and he got the "deer in the headlights" look and threw his hands up in the air like we were
holding him at gun point and proceeded to proclaim, "i'm a minister at the ____ church, so i think i'm covered!" hahaha some people are really funny! I've never felt like I was a threatening person until I became a missionary. Well, let me rephrase that, I never felt like
people saw me as threatening until I became a missionary.  
But there is this one lady we are teaching, her name is Mary, she is super sweet! Little black lady, and LOVES to talk! Both of our black lady investigators are so sweet and just love to chat. It's awesome. But, Mary, we taught her about the Restoration and she had a Book of
Mormon, but she thought it was from the JWs haha she hadn't read it. so we explained to her why it was important and she committed to read it and to come to church! but she went on vacation and won't be back until the beginning of April but she promised us that she would come. So we are excited about that. We are trying to set a date with two of our other investigators. They are married and have one little girl and a new baby. And they come to church a lot, but they are going out of town so it's going to be a while until we can set a date. But the wife is chinese, so she doesn't really know much about God at all. So it's been cool getting to know her.

Love you all!!
Sister Rosemary Anderson 

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