Thursday, March 15, 2012

Yaateheey family! How are you all? Well, I am good! Things are good
here in my neck of the woods! I love Gallup and am so glad to be here!
I know I am needed here for something! I miss the people in Shiprock,
but there are many good people here too! I have already met many! My new companion is Sister Kidd and probably one of the happiest, nicest, most friendly poeple you will ever meet! She is awesome and only a transfer ahead of me. So we are a pretty young companionship, but we are working hard together and it's been a lot of fun. She is from Rigby and cosmotologist. Gallup has a lot more city than Shiprock. and when I say a lot more, I mean a lot more. There's a Wal-mart here! Part of our area covers the rez, but not much. We don't teach too many people out that way, but I think we might do some finding out there. I miss the rez. I love the people there. But there are a lot of navajos here too. So I am still able to learn more words, which I am excited about.
Well, let's see, this week we have been really trying to motivate each other to be better. We've noticed that we didn't feel like we were doing our absolute best, so I'm grateful to have a companion who
motivates me! It really helps when you have a companion who also wants to work hard. I really appreciate it. We joined a gym too, so we are starting to go to the gym in the morning, which is nice. It's way easier to work out when you have to get up and go somewhere. And we get fed alot so it helps with the wardrobe. It's really hard to stay in shape on a mission. People LOVE to feed missionaries, which is cool because we are hungry a lot, but man, my clothes don't always appreciate it as much!
When they feed us, they really feed us. And on the rez it was bad when we got fry bread a lot.
We live in a mother-in-laws quarters in between members, so that's nice. we drive a jeep compass, and the ward is awesome. there are a lot of white people here. When I look in the mirror I don't see
billigana (white preson, sometimes deragatory, depending on who says it and how) I only see dine (what the navajos call themselves...sometimes...). I really do forget that we are white and
stick out like a sore thumb most of the time. I love it though. I wouldn't trade it for anything.
Everytime I write I always forget all the things I was going to tell you guys, and after we leave I remember I was going to tell you this and that, so I'm sorry about that. Sometimes my stories are a week behind. Oh so we met Grandma and Grandpa Doty yesterday. they have been investigating the Chruch for over 30 years and all their kids are members and their grandkids are members and have served, are serving, or will serve missions. All the kids joined at different times. But the Grandparents nevre did. They are really sweet people. they LOVE rodeo so we talked about that for a long time and they don't have horses anymore, but they sure do miss it. So that was fun. I really love them. And there's another lady Sister Bernannchi who takes really good care of us! She likes to be our "mom". Oh which reminds me. A lady visited Shiprock last week who's daughter is on a mission and she gave me the biggest hug and was really sweet. She said, "I just have to say hi and give you sisters a hug since my daughter is out." It was a good mom hug, I told her that you guys would appreciate that.
Anyways, If there's more stuff I think of before I get off I will let you know.

But, things are good. I am studying hard, and really trying to do my best. There's always room for improvement though. One thing I've learned is that people are people and need the Gospel, no matter who they are and where they come from. And another is, that I, we as companionship as well, have to be in the right spirit to help them feel the importance and beauty of the Gospel. In order to help them
feel Spirit we always have to be improving. Because we are always improving we may not always feel that we are doing our best. But that's the point. If we felt like we were doing our best how could
there be room for improvement? what would push us? what would motivate us? there is a difference between not doing what we can and not feeling like we are doing our best though. It's different for everyone what that line is, but the Lord is there to help us determine it. He will always chasten us in love. He never wants us to feel down or alone. But, He does want us to recognize what we can improve upon. He will always show us what we do well if we ask too. The Lord answers prayers in unexpected ways. I know that, but I am always grateful for the ways that He does.

Love you all!!


Sister Anderson

Jacob 7, Alma 1, Alma 14? (the chapter that alma contends with
zeezrom), and Alma 30. Bearing testimony is always a good thing! No
matter to who or what the situation! 

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