Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Loving the mission!

Well things are good here! We were on exchanges for a couple days. Sister New went to Aztec for a couple days and leaves again this evening and will be back soon. It's a different experience running an area, but it's fun and the Lord has really blessed me in stepping up to the plate. I haven't got too lost here while driving. The streets are really confusing though. There will be one cliffside and then there will be another that lines up with it but three blocks later or on the other side of town. I think there are three of every street. It's kind of confusing. They are all just "Cliffside" too so it takes some getting used to, but we have a GPS that gets us everywhere we need to go. Transfers are this week, so who knows where I'll be soon. Well, Heavenly Father knows, but I don't. It'll be interesting to see what happens. We feel like the Lord has really been blessing us with scratching the surface here and we are excited to see what happens. The Lord has been helping us find people to teach. The hard part is helping them to progress. We know that the Lord will assist us, this is HIS work, not ours. There is nothing that we can not do that will benefit anyone. Anything that we do to help others is because the Lord has allowed it to be so. I have been trying to remember that there is nothing that I have done or will do that will bring anyone to the Savior. But, pride can be a hard thing to conquer.
Rob, It sounds like you're talk went well. President Gelwix is a great speaker and an amazing man! I know you appreciate him as well! Tell Brett congrats and that will be an awesome mission to go to!
Oh so we had a baptism on Saturday night and it was an amazing experience! This young man truly looked different after he came out of the waters of baptism. He truly is a special person and the Spirit whispered to me that I had a privilege in evening knowing him, and especially teaching him. The Spirit was so strong there, and I think we all felt what a marvelous experience it was. Sister New was so cited for him. She has pictures, I'll have to get them from her.
Oh speaking of which, our p-days are pretty normal around here. We are trying to do more fun things. But, I'll try and take more pictures.
Oh we had interviews with President Jones this week, and he told me about something Brother Romney said. Someone asked him if he served a mission and he said, something to the effect of, "it's the hardest occupation on the planet." That came from a presidential candidate. But, the blessings are just as present and the hard things. I’m trying to think of anything else that happened.

We got a new ward mission leader and he is awesome! He is going to split the ward into districts and get us district leaders and 10 missionaries per district and it's gonna be awesome! He was a mission president! The first time I met him I guess my nametag fell off in the car and so when I walked into his house he kept making fun of me. He would say something like, "(referring to ward missionaries) even though they don't wear nametags, they are still missionaries, but I do know some missionaries who don't wear nametags either." And he just kept telling me I wasn't a missionary and stuff, it was pretty funny. He is a good guy. He just moved into the ward like 6 months ago and is the father in law of the Bishop.
Oh so there is a young man who was taught and baptized here but moved to Albuquerque and so he randomly calls us up to chat. He was telling us all about he took the missionaries down there to McDonald's. He seems like a good guy though. He called us Saturday to tell us that He was coming for a surprise visit yesterday ha-ha but, We don't think he made it, because we didn't meet him.
Oh an Sister Lee sent me emails from other missionaries from the ward and I guess Bobby Hancock met Therese Wagstaff and she was telling him that she was from Oakdale and her brother is in the Farmington mission! Crazy huh?? Small world!
Well, I'm so grateful for the Savior and all that He does for me! There is nothing more important in this life than Him. He is everything and He loves us. Can you believe the all-knowing, perfect being loves us and wants the best for us! Heavenly Father loves us so much! He already gave us His perfect Son, can you imagine that He wants to gives us more? He does! President Jones told me that success is doing the small things every day. Reading the Scriptures, saying our prayers, and being obedient. It's the small things that can make the greatest difference!
Sister Anderson
Love you!!!!!!!!

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