Thursday, December 1, 2011

Loving the MTC

Rosemary is still at the MTC she is loving every bit of each day, although she says it is hard and she is still learning learning learning!  She loves her companion and they work hard together, keeping each other on track.
She loves going to the Temple on P-days which is  Wednesday for her.   Yesterday they had a chance to see new missionaries arrive there at the MTC, she said they looked shell shocked.  They will learn to love it here also.  So Rosemary and her companion are having lunch with the MTC President and as they were talking they realized this is the same President Gordon Brown who was her Big Brother Brady's mission President! Small world the church is!  She sends her love.......

Sister Anderson says that writing to her via Dear Elder is a better way of getting letters to her especially in the MTC.    Hopefully pictures will come soon .

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