Thursday, November 24, 2011

This is our first email:      Things are great! We are kept busy all day. We get up at 545 for workout classes and then get ready for the day and then we eat and then either zone teaching or class. and then personal study, district study, more class, and a bunch of other stuff study, more class, and a bunch of other stuff.Dad, the food isn't nearly as good as yours don't worry. And then we go to bed at 1030. By the time 1030rolls around we are ready to sleep. Most of the time. My companion is Sister McPherson and she is from Highland Utah (not the rugby team place). Our district has one other companionship of sisters and 4 more of elders. so there's 6 total. The boys can get a little rowdy. But I have seen Elder Fallentine, Elder Larson, and Elder Lee. Oh and Elder Burnham and Elder Fischer, so it's been cool. I've seen a couple of people from school too.  Elder Christofferson spoke to us yesterday and it was awesome! He spoke about speaking the language of the Spirit. Let everyone know I love them. Oh and I can only read my emails and write in 30 minutes on p-day which is Wednesday, we went to the temple this morning too and that rocked. 

I feel like I've learned and done a lot this week. more like a month's worth. we have 5 progressing investigators. our teacher Sister Dunn is awesome and she role plays we also have a teacher Bro Peay and he is so funny and brings the spirit in to the meeting. 

 When things get hard, and you aren't sure what else can go wrong the Lord gives you an amazing day that fills your soul. It's amazing. I've got to go. But I love you lots!

Sister Anderson

Happy Thanksgiving!

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