Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Well, how are you? It sounds like it's been a pretty exciting week all around. Brady and Jenn with their house. Elder Ballard coming, and all kinds of crazy things! It sounds like it's been exciting though! I'm glad things are working out and hopefully all the crazy excitement settles down and all the good excitement picks up!
   Well, Sister Bernacchi entered the waters of baptism this week!! It was so cool! her husband baptised her, they have been married almost a year now. She is super sweet and calls herself our "mom away from home". She is super sweet and loves to feed us! It was a really nice service, a lot of people were able to come and be a part of it so it was awesome. Sister Kidd wasn't able to be there because Cortez is a good couple of hours away, but I am sending her a program and some pictures. She was really sad that she was going to miss it. But I think my favorite part was yesterday when she recieved the Gift of the Holy Ghost. She was blessed to make more covenants in the temple and be sealed for time and all eternity. There is nothing more special than hearing that as a missionary. That is what we want so much for these people that we love so much! I really want to be able to come back for that next year!
  Well, this week we have been able to meet with more people so that's been nice. People seem to like to take summer vacations, what's up with that? We are really focusing on less actives and really trying to help them. A lot of people are less active here, but it's fun to be able to meet so many people.
  Let's see what else. I'm not sure what else, oh I got a navajo ctr ring and I'm having it inlayed with turquoise, a grand total of about 32 bucks! I'm pretty excited. One of the jewlers in the stake sells navajo ctr rings to missionaries, the inlay is only about 20 so there ya go! So I'm pretty excited about that. President Batt gets here in about 20 days, that's kind of crazy. I know that President and Sister Jones can really use a break though. They are always serving. How they put so much on the altar of sacrifice, it amazes me. I have a whole lot more to give and interestingly enough the Lord always wants what we don't want to give up right?  The Lord is willing to help, I guess i just have to ask sincerely first.
  The wild fires here are crazy, but no they aren't bothering me.
HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO MY DAD AND BIG BROTHER!!!! I love you both and know that I couldn't do any of this without you! Thanks for all your hard work and support!
  Sorry this is short, we had a good week and are working hard. I've got to go.
Ayoo nish ni!
  Sister Anderson   June 11

Hahahah yes! I ripped my shorts! I even attached a picture for your enjoyment!   Well let's just explain what happened. So we've been able to teach this family, the Buffingtons. They are very well educated people. He is a lawyer, and was the DA and she is a professor of spanish at UNM Gallup. And they are a really sweet family, very intellectual. Not really the kind that ripping your shorts in front of would be funny, but more embarrassing you know. So anyways, they were putting in their
flagstones and we offered to help and then we offered the elders to help as well. So we all go over and we are just moving the smaller stones around and then I bend over, and all of a sudden my shorts rip. I really didn't think that I had gained that much weight, was my first thought. My next thought was, I'm standing here in front of Brother Buffington, the elders, and brother buffington's neighbor what am I going to do? Well, idea number one: pretend like it didn't happen and then just walk back to the car and go home and change and then be even more embarrassed when they point it out instead of just owning it.
Idea number two: just let everyone know and then go home and change. Or idea number three: just keep working haha, as you can see the ideas slowly digressed. Oh well I didn't add the part where I had spandex on underneath. The Lord is very merciful. I wasn't planning on wearing those spandex haha good thing I did! Well, I just decided to stand up, walk over to the elders told them that we had to go because my shorts ripped haha that wasn't awkward at all. And then waved goodbye to brother buffington and his neighbor from the car and proceeded home. You know this sounds like a really awkward story, but I've been telling a lot of people haha. The mission is just one big awkward moment anyways. Might as well own it.  So on to other news. Things are okay here. I'm really learning what the Atonement is about, that's for sure. Sister Rowley and I are really trying to work things out and I'm really having to learn to swallow my pride and just do what I didn't think I could. It's easy to love people who love you, you know. It's harder to love the people who aren't your best friends. But, I'm learning. I'm learning it's not about what I can or can't do, it's about what the Lord can do through me. I'm trying to realize that I have to focus on just doing my part and then the Lord will work everything out, instead of trying to work everything out and then letting the Lord do His. I have really been feeling the love and support of my Savior. And it is so amazing. Just when I think I can't do it anymore or that I've done my part and I don't know where to go the Lord pours His blessings out upon me. And I just know that He's waiting to pour more. The Lord is too good to me. I know that He loves all of His children, and because of that I know that I need to as well. I know how much love and mercy He shows me, and often shows me through others. So I know that it is through me that He wants to show others that too. So being judgmental, or selfish, or full of pride, or anything that is contrast to the nature of charity and God, is not what I need to be. Sometimes it just feels easier to hold onto those feelings you know, but I know that only when I let go and become more like Christ is when I will feel true happiness. Part of me is looking forward to the growth that will come from this transfer. Part of me really wants to see what the Lord can do in me. The other part of me is just praying everyday that I can do and be better.   Well, let's see we are teaching a little boy now and his parents are members, and came to church yesterday! So that was good! And then we had another family come so that was cool too! AND THEN Mary came!!!

was literally running to see her when she came! She is someone we are teaching and we have been working with her for a couple months. I was SO excited to see her. I know that we were put in her path FOR A REASON! She really needed us. That was a big step for her, and she enjoyed it. She's had some negative expreiences with church in the past.   And this Friday Sister Bernacchi is getting baptised woot woot! We have been working with her forever and she set a date for friday! SO EXCITED! She calls us her "girls" haha I just love her. There are so many good people here in Gallup. The Lord really blesses us!   Oh kinda important, we went up to Farmington yesterday to hear Elder Tad R. Callister and Elder Rein speak to us. That was cool. He spoke to us about being a consecrated missionary. I have a long ways to go. I think about things besides missionary work way too often. and I know that I have a whole lot of pride to rid myself of. He talked about putting everything on the alter of sacrifice and being focused on the work. I know that's the kind of missionary that I can be. I am so grateful that the Atonement can help me get there.   I need your prayers. I feel your prayers. And your love. I don't think I've been as aware of the love and support from my Heavenly and earthly family as I have while I've been out here. Thank you for the prayers and support that you send everyday. Please pray that I can find the strength and the courage to become humble enough to be who the Lord needs me to be. I love you all. I hope you can feel my love
and prayers as well.
   Sister Rosemary Anderson                    June 4

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