Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Meeting my Mission President and my new companion

  We have been staying as busy as we can. We try and see as many people as we can. We cover the Farmington 5 ward and the YSA branch. We live in the 5 ward so it's easy to see them most of the time. We just moved into a new apartment on Friday, they just remodeled it and it looks SO good! We are pretty grateful. My trainer is sister new, she is pretty cool! She has been teaching me a lot! I'm pretty grateful for her, she only came into the area 3 weeks before I did and so she took it over and is training me. She was in her last area for six months.We are going to a lady that sister new lived with in her last area for part of Christmas .We have met a lot of awesome people, we are looking for more investigators and trying to teach more lessons. Last week was kinda crazy, we had a lot of visits, but not as many lessons as we would have liked. but we will do better. My mission president is awesome, he and his wife are so welcoming. He expects a lot of us. When we got here, they picked us up and took us back to the mission home and we ate and had meetings and then had an delicious dinner and then at 7 tuesday morning we had more meetings and met our companions. Then we went and got groceries and then looked at the area boards and then went to work. We have a car so that's nice, we drive probably more than we should, but when we cover the whole county for ysa it's hard not to drive. We are like 10 minutes from the mission home/office. so you will send all mail and packages to the mission office address for my mission. We still need to unpack our apartment and decorate, so we will do that today. oh so we tracted into this older couple, the husband answered the door and then we started talking to him and then we hear his wife yell "i'm a mormon!" haha so they let us in and talked to them. they were older and their records aren't in the ward, and they have lived in the house for 30 something years, it was kinda interesting. They were nice though, as for the scenery it's really pretty. It's kinda dry right now, but the rocks are really pretty. just like the postcards. they jet up out of the earth, there's nothing like it, it's kinda a nice reminder of ancient culture in a modern city. The navajo culture has a big part in this town. There are a lot of navajos here, it's cool, they are nice. But we have been having some pretty cool experiences, we have met some awesome people. we are working hard. the more I study, the more I feel the love of my Heavenly Father. It's awesome, it allows me to share that love and understanding with others who don't feel that.  I'm glad I'm here.

Sister Anderson

Love you all!

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