Saturday, April 13, 2013

Its been a Crazy few weeks !!

You all will not believe the week I had.
On Monday evening I ended up taking my companion to the ER, she's okay. 3 different doctors told us that if the numbness she was feeling in her legs from her herniated disc spread even more to get her to the ER immediately. So we called Sister Batt, got it approved and I drove her into Farmington. President called the Farmington zone leaders to come down and give her a blessing, it was about 9:30 at night by the time we got there. Sister Batt came down and stayed with us too. So she was admitted and had another MRI done and whatnot, and by the time that was done it was about 11:45 or so. The doctor said that the results will be ready in 30-45 minutes, so we said, okay. Then a life flight paramedic comes in and asks if he can get blood samples. So he starts digging around in her veins and tries 3 different times to find the vein and can't. And he's like turning out the lights and using a flashlight to find the vein (I think he was just using his street skills) and digging around all this stuff, and finally decides to get another nurse. So she comes in and puts the IV in her wrist, and the look on Sister Orr's face was so painful! Sister Batt was about to cry for her! So after they get the blood and everything I read the Book of Mormon to her and we watched Mormon Messages on Sister Batt's iPhone and then by this time it was 1:45 am so Sister Batt decides to go ask what is going on and the doctor comes back with her and says, "all the tests are normal, we're going to let you go home." and he says it so casually and all the other doctors were so adamant about this! So it was kinda crazy, so we ended up getting home around 2:15 am. We had zone conference at 8 am that morning. Sister Batt told us to sleep in and go try and see the neurosurgeon that Sister Orr had seen before, before we went to zone conference. So we got up around 8:15 got ready, went to see the doctor and set up another appt with him and then went to zone conference. And we got to sit on a couch because Sister Orr's back was hurting so bad. And the new medicine that she was on was making her super loopy. So that was interesting. And so our district and zone leaders and other sisters were calling us asking us where we were and if we were okay, and all this stuff. It was crazy. So wednesday we go back to the doctor and it's decided that Sister Orr needs surgery, so we call Sister Batt and let her know. And then Thursday we get a call from President saying "we want to get you home as soon as possible so that we can get you back out as soon as possible" and so we thought that meant that she would have some time. Well, around 4 pm on Thursday we get a call from Sister Batt saying, "Sister Orr, we have you're flight information, you are leaving in the morning." Then Sister Orr hands the phone to me and Sister Batt says, "President doesn't know what he's going to do with you yet, but you'll know before 9 oclock tomorrow morning." So then we don't know what's going to happen to Bloomfeild or to me. So we get her packed up to be at the apache by 9 oclock Friday morning. So then President calls at 9:30 pm and he tells me that I am being transferred to Kirtland to be in a trio

Me, Sister Swayne, Sister Heimbigner
with Sister Swayne and Sister Heimbigner for the last two week of my mission. Bloomfeild will be closed until the next transfer and I need to have my bags packed and ready to go to be at the Apache by 9 am. So I stayed up until 12 packing and then got up early to finish in the morning. So, to say the least, this has been a crazy hectic week, full of surprises. I was sad to let Sister Orr go, but I am really happy she gets her surgery!
So, that was my week. Cool huh?
I love you all, thanks for all your love and prayers! Sister Anderson           April 8

Well! Happy Easter to you all! I hope that you're Easter was great! Our was wonderful.
It has been another crazy week here in New Mexico. We got a call from President Batt Tuesday morning. I was just getting out of the shower and I hear Sister Isaacson say, "where should I sit down?" And when the mission president is asking you to sit down before a conversation something major is happening. I thought that someone had passed away in her family. So I hurry up and get dressed and run out to our room so that I can be there if something happened and all I hear is "okay" in a very serious tone. And then there is some silence and then she says, "when do you need me in Farmington by President?" and I knew it was a transfer. Then she says, "yes, she's right here." and hands the phone to me. President then asks me to finish the 12 week training for Sister Orr because the Lord needs Sister Isaacson in Farmington 4th ward. So then Sister Orr walks into the room and Sister Isaacson and I are both just sitting on our beds wondering what just happened and all Sister Orr can say is "what's wrong?" and then we tell her and then she sits down and we all freak out together. So after we sat and processed for about a half an hour we helped Sister Isaacson pack all of her stuff so that we could have her at the mission office by 1. So it's been a little bit of a chaotic week. None of us really knew how to process this. 2 emergency transfers in 1 transfer, that's crazy. 
A sister in the ward asked us to bathe her dog, so we did that, and then she took it to the vet and she found out that the dog has kidney stones and they removed them and so when we went over there for dinner the next day she was recruiting us to feed medicine to her dog. We couldn't get the dog to take the medicine and so she called someone else to come help and they were able to get er done. So the next day we were visiting her son and he told us the dog died! We felt so bad! This sister REALLY loved her dog. So, that was interesting. I'm not sure that we are allowed to help people give medicine to dogs, so I don't think that we will be doing that in the future, but that was interesting.
We met with an investigator the other day, and she has been praying and reading! Which is a miracle! She had some really awesome experiences with prayer and even asked us when church started! Sadly, she didn't come. Church was rather sparse yesterday. Everyone went family's. We did have a less active there though, so that was good.
Our Easter was good. We had meetings and church until 4 and then we tried to see some people, but a lot of them were at parties and gatherings and things like that, and then we had dinner with a family. We didn't color eggs or do anything like that.
I am doing good though! Thanks for all your love and support! I feel your prayers, and am so grateful for them! Love you all!
Sister Anderson                               April 1
Sis Orr, Sis Isaacson and Me

So, I told you last week that temple square sisters were coming in and one would be in my area so I would be moved. Well, I am in Bloomfield New Mexico. And it is awesome. Just imagine Oakdale with less green and less hills and that's about where I'm at. I have two companions now! Sister Isaacson and Sister Orr. And they are awesome. Sister Orr is new and in training still. And we laugh, a lot, and have fun. It's been way good. I will attach a picture. Sister Isaacson has been out for about about 8 months or so and Sister Orr has been out for about 2 months. Sister Isaacson is super sweet and loving and is way fun. Sister Orr is a tough Idaho girl and she cracks me up. Sister Orr has a herniated disc in her back so that stinks. We have been seeing doctors to try and figure out what might help.
It's kinda funny being in a trio because we intimidate ourselves haha. We always feel like there's a lot of us when we go tracting or go talk to someone. And when we are in meetings all three of us pull out our planners to write stuff down, it's kinda funny. We joke about how people won't open the door because there's so many of us.
Trunky Papers  
None of us have been in a trio, so we are still figuring out how this whole thing works. The other night we called the housing coordinator to bring us another dresser so we could all have room for our clothes. So they got there around 9 Saturday night. And we hear a knock at the door so we answer it and it's a senior sister and her husband. Elder Van Sickle starts hauling our dresser in on a dolley and starts in on going up our stairs (we live in a town house) and all of a sudden he starts grunting and wheezing and the dresser in slamming into the walls, but he just keeps dragging it up. And we try to help, but he won't slow down enough for us to help him, and it was just insane. So he gets it to the top of the stairs after fighting with it for about 10-15 minutes and then throws it off the dolley and sends it top over end into our office and then stands it up agian and throws it top over end again and then just stands at the top of the stairs wheezing. And his wife is telling him not to move. And we are just standing there in shock wondering what just happened. And then Sister Van Sickle says, "I guess we won't be doing that again." Elder Van Sickle didn't say anything as he walked back down the stairs and out the door and then our neighbor came out (we share a wall) and was about ready to call the cops because she heard a lot of banging and grunting and "only girls live there" and didn't know what was going on. We were really grateful that she was watching out for us and so we made her brownies and took them to her. But, that was kinda crazy. So we called Sister Van Sickle later that evening to make sure that everyone was okay. He was. It was just weird.
 Then, we were trying to contact less actives, and a lady opened the door at one house, held up a wicken bible in a "warding-off" type fashion, while shutting the door. We didn't say anything, and we weren't sure how to react so we laughed. It's just been kinda a crazy week.
I love you all, thanks for everything,
 Sister Anderson                March 25            
Pres and Sis Head Dove Creek   =)

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