Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Blog

Well folks here's the deal. This is my mission blog. Some of you may have read my other blog, which I would love you to follow, but this is my mission blog and the one you will need to follow for updates over the next 18 months. Share, subscribe, ask questions, and you can email letters to my mom who will hopefully forward them to me.

If you do that, make sure you put in the subject something to the effect of "A Letter for Sister Anderson." That way she knows it's from a friend and not foe and she can get it to me somehow instead of marking it as spam and deleting it. We wouldn't want that to happen. Also, include your address so I can write you back. I won't be able to email you back, so be sure to include your address so I can get back to you! So be sure follow the proper steps!

Second, this will be updated regularly with letters, stories, and pictures. Hopefully once every couple weeks if not once a week.

Third, my address will be updated regularly. Use it. Please. :)

Fourth, I will put my mission home address which will remain the same throughout my mission so that if there is any confusion as to where I am or what my address is you will always be able to get mail to me.

Fifth, thanks for being awesome and supporting me. I want to hear from you all at least once, so make that a goal :)

I love you all and thanks again.


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